Mr J. Nicholl - Head of P.E
Mrs L Nevin

Sports Coaching Staff:
Rugby – Mr. Nicholl, Mr. Smyth, Mr. Mallon, Mr. Harkness, Mr. Glass, Mr. Finlay, Mr. Dawson, Mr. Drennan, Mr. Ross. (volunteers – Phillip Small, James Beattie, Jamie Smith, Stephen Mulholland, Adrian Hamilton, Andrew Cundell, Houston Bonnar).
Mixed Tag Rugby – Mr. Nicholl, Mr. Harkness & Mr. Smyth.
Football – Mr. Brogan, Mr. Maybin, Mr. McClarty & Mr. Nicholl.
Volleyball – Mr. Glass.
Golf – Mr. Mallon.
Tennis – Mr. Bell & Mrs. McNeill.
Badminton – Mr. Johnston, Mr. Shannon & Mr. Drennan.
Table-tennis – Mr. Nicholl, Mr. Harkness & Mr. Glass.
Cricket – Mr. Glass.
Strength & Conditioning – Mr. Harkness, Mr. Smyth & Josh McIlroy.
Hockey – Mrs. Nevin, Mrs. McNeill & Miss Johnstone. (Volunteers – Rebecca Reynolds, Aimee Logan & Laura Logan).
Netball – Miss. Connolly & Miss. Burke.


In accordance with the NI Curriculum, Cambridge House Grammar School P.E. aims to develop pupil opportunities to: 

  • increase their knowledge, understanding and skills through frequent and regular participation in a balanced programme of Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall), Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Fitness and Dance;
  • practice, refine and develop skills and specific techniques (e.g. using strategies, tactics, and choreographic and/or compositional principles) and use these with consistency;
  • experience, monitor and understand a range of short-term effects of exercise on the body systems including cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal systems;
  • monitor and evaluate their own activity levels over a period of time and plan how they can fulfil the activity recommendations for health;
  • develop their knowledge of safe practices and procedures when taking part in sport and physical activity
  • develop the skills and capabilities required to analyse and improve their own and others’ work
  • develop the skills and capabilities required to work effectively with others in tasks which require co-operation, creativity, problem solving, planning and team work.

Physical Education in Cambridge House Grammar School falls into four areas.

  1. Curricular P.E. follows the Northern Ireland Curriculum where facilities allow, with all pupils following similar courses. Activities are organised and participated for a period of between 5-8 weeks
  2. Games are held on designated afternoons for a whole year group. During these periods pupils will be given an opportunity to improve their skills in different areas.
  3. Academic P.E. pupils can take P.E. as an examinable subject in Years 11and 12. (AQA GCSE P.E. is a two-year course).
  4. Extra-Curricular Activities is the programme for staff and pupils to spend extra time at their chosen activity, outside the confines of the timetabled day. This programme normally runs after the normal school day has finished. Most of the major sports have an annually agreed programme of fixtures against other schools. These are generally played on Saturday mornings throughout the school year

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 a variety of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities are developed through active learning strategies within the learning environment.  

Within all Physical Education lessons many learning intentions focus on transferable skills that the pupils can use within other circumstances. These include:

  • Pupils learning to work effectively as a team
  • Pupils learning to work independently
  • Pupils learning to work with a partner
  • Pupils being able to communicate their own knowledge of Physical Education to other pupils.

Key Stage 4

Pupils who opt for GCSE study the CCEA specification which entails both practical assessment and theory aspects of P.E.


Physical Education provides a solid foundation preparing you to pursue a variety of careers, from chiropractics to teaching, from recreation leadership to athletic training, and from dance to sports management. Today, Physical Education professionals have a very important role to play in the future of the health of our nation and the world.

Planning for Assessment

Planning for Assessment 2015-16 Key Stage 3 Planning for Assessment 2015-16 Key Stage 4