The Media Studies department at Cambridge House Grammar School is led by four enthusiastic and dynamic teachers. Every year, a large number of pupils choose to study this subject and explore how the media is slowly but surely saturating our society. Pupils investigate the impact media texts can have on audiences and learn to deconstruct both print and audio-visual mediums. 


  • Mrs G. Beattie - Head of Department
  • Mrs C. Geddis
  • Mrs J Finlay
  • Mr A McClarty


GCSE and A Level pupils follow the WJEC specification. As well as exploring Media theories. Pupils have the opportunity to create practical productions such as magazines, DVD covers and film posters.

Facilities and Resources 

Pupils complete their practical productions in one of our six computer suites and spend approximately half of their timetabled periods perfecting these Controlled Assessment pieces. Interactive whiteboards and other audio visual equipment is available in classrooms to ensure that the delivery of this subject is active at all times.

Educational Trips, Events and Careers

Every year, a number of pupils complete Work Experience placements in the field of Media Studies. Pupils have worked at local news paper offices, radio stations and with PR and advertising agencies. Popular university courses pursued by our past pupils include: Interactive Media Arts, Media Production and Public Relations.

Example Work