Home Economics

Home Economics has an important contribution to make to the whole school curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 it contributes to Learning and Life and Work.  The GCSE Home Economics scheme encourages students to adopt a critical and analytical approach to decision making and problem solving in relation to the areas of diet and health and consumer awareness.  The focus of concern for GCSE Child Development is divided into two distinct areas; the first being parenthood, pregnancy and child birth and the second is child development from conception to the age of five years.  The opportunity to study ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level Home Economics and Health and Social Care allows a platform for further study in Higher Education and also provides a basis for those seeking employment in a wide range of careers such as industry, commerce, education, childcare and the health and social services.


  • Mrs H Stewart (Head of Department)
  • Mrs K McClurg
  • Mrs J Bradley
  • Mrs C McMullan
  • Mrs R Kennedy (Technician)


CCEA GCSE specifications are followed for both Home Economics and Child Development. Similarly CCEA GCE specifications are in operation for Home Economics and Health and Social Care.

Teaching within the department is organised to incorporate ‘active learning’ wherever feasible, with the aim of pupils gaining personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Certainly Home Economics, Child Development and Health and Social Care all encourage the development of a range of skills which have a practical application in the future lives of pupils.

An International Cuisine Club operates as an extra-curricular activity.

Facilities and Resources

Due to a refurbishment five years ago, the facilities and resources within the department are excellent.

Educational Trips, Events and Careers

Every year a range of educational trips/events are arranged. Examples include visits to Loughry College, Little Rays Day Nursery and McKee’s (Maghera).  Visiting speakers from Environmental Health, Health and Social Services, First Trust Bank, Livestock and Meat Commission and the farming industry, both enhance teaching and learning in the classroom  and promote career opportunities.

Home Economics Planning for Assessment

Planning for Assessment 2015-16

Child Development Planning for Assessment

Planning for Assessment 2015-16