AQE Key Dates

4th October 2020

Fri 9th Oct 2020: Registration Closes
Sat 9th Jan 2021: 1st Paper
Sat 16th Jan 2021: 2nd Paper
Sat 23rd Jan 2021: 3rd Paper
Sat 6th March 2021: Results

  • Update Sept 2nd 2020 - The AQE Board have decided to allow children an additional 10 minutes for each of the three papers. This will be an extra 30 minutes in total. The extra 10 minutes available for each paper will reassure the children that they will have sufficient time to finish the paper. For those children who are finished early, this time can be used to look over their paper and check their answers.
  • There is no subsidiary paper available. If a candidate is only available to attend 1 assessment, you should contact the AQE Office via telephone - (028) 9022 4002.