Sociology is the study of society.  Our culture provides us with language, gives us our values and beliefs, establishes our identity and turns us into members of society..

The study of Sociology will encourage young people to develop awareness, knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. Students will also develop a greater awareness of current affairs and government policies.

Sociology will involve discussion, debate and investigation into the main features of our culture, society and wider world.

This subject is offered at GCSE and A level.  The examination board is WJEC.


GCSE is unitised with 50% of the GCSE examined at the end of Year11 and the final 50% at the end of Year 12.


The A level is completed in two parts – the AS worth 40%,  assessed at the end of year 13 and the A2, 60%,  at the end of Year 14.   The AS component can be taken as a resit in Year 14.

Qualities and Skills needed for this subject

  • Have a good standard of English and be competent in note taking and essay writing.
  • Be able to extract and organise information from a range of sources.
  • Be open- minded to why divorce is increasing
  • Show an interest in understanding topics such as crime and deviance, educational underachievement, poverty etc.


Career Opportunities

Sociology opens up avenues in Social Work, Nursing, Teaching, Business Management, Law, Policing, Justice and Journalism.

Head of Department

Mrs J Patterson